New Cancer Drug Kadcyla Kills Cancer Cells, Leaves Healthy Cells Alone

Chemotherapy is known as the standard cancer treatment for those who find themselves diagnosed with the Grim Reaper of life-threatening diseases. When chemo is administered, however, few individuals are told that the chemo is likely to kill healthy cells as well as cancerous ones. When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, me and my twin sister were not told that the cancer would also affect her hair growth. It wasn’t until one day at the hair stylist’s office, upon seeing mom’s hair fall out, that we realized the chemo took more of a toll on mom than even she had let on. This is the plight of all cancer patients, who lose their hair, nails, and other cells when faced with the “c” word.

Kadcyla is coming to the rescue, however. This new drug has been tested and verified to treat the cancer cells by removing them — while keeping the healthy cells intact. Kadcyla is the perfect medication for Lisa Canale, a 50-year-old mother who has been battling the disease for the last fifteen years. She now has a 16 year old, and says that Kadcyla helps her stay young and energetic so that she can be there for her teenage daughter: “This medication is wonderful, because it gives me the opportunity to do all the things that I need to do. And I just don’t have time not to feel well, because I have an active and involved 16-year-old” (“New Breast Cancer Drug Prolongs Life”).

ProHealth Care Associates Cancer Services Director Dr. Mark Citron explains how Kadcyla works by comparing it to light bulbs. When a person goes to turn off the light switch, all the light bulbs turn off; what Kadcyla does is find the light bulbs that need to turn off, and deactivates them without turning off the other light bulbs. The consequences of Kadcyla are incredible: now, cancer patients can be assured of an additional 6 months of life — a survival extension that would not have been possible without Kadcyla and other similar drugs that will emerge on the market within the next few years.

Cancer is a disease that Americans suffer from, with thousands of Americans diagnosed each year. New drugs that treat cancerous cells while maintaining healthy cells will allow patients such as Lisa Canale to maintain her vibrance and vigor while fighting her disease. It is said that age is only a number; Kadcyla and other drugs are on the path to making that statement a mantra of millions.

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